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V-Moda gets into the wireless speaker game with the Remix

V-Moda gets into the wireless speaker game with the Remix

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V-Moda is a company best known for its good, bass-rich headphones. The Remix is the company’s newest product, and serves as a natural extension of the V-Moda pedigree into a new line of Bluetooth speakers.

V-Moda is touting the Remix’s ability to output clear and accurate sound, including a rear-mounted bass reflex port to assist in realizing the company’s signature bass performance. My colleague Vlad Savov was able to listen to the Remix in person, and reports that it offers an impressive sound that belies its small size.

An impressive sound that belies its small size

An interesting addition that V-Moda has made with the Remix is the inclusion of a headphone amplifier, which outputs 83mW across two channels for owners of high-end headphones. The Remix also includes a built-in microphone, allowing it to be used for calls or with a connected Amazon Echo Dot for voice commands. V-Moda claims that you’ll get up to 10 hours of music off the 3400mAh battery before you’ll need to recharge using the Remix’s USB-C port.

Like V-Moda’s Forza headphones, the Remix has a slew of customizable 3D-printed accessories to deck it out, with parts ranging from $40 (plastic) to $370,000 (actual platinum), depending on materials.

The Remix is available now in either black or silver colors from V-Moda’s website for $300.