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Samsung’s Frame TV is going to be an actual product available this spring

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Back at CES, Samsung showed off a concept for what it calls the Frame, a TV designed to seamlessly blend into a background and display artwork when not in use to further enhance your living room decor. Today, the company announced that it will actually be releasing the Frame this spring.

While it’s nice to know that the admittedly impressive Yves Béhar-designed screen will be making its way to market, Samsung is still being extremely coy about details. There’s no price, no specs, and no release information outside of that nebulous spring date. It’s unclear whether or not the Frame uses Samsung’s new QLED technology, what smart TV features it may have, or even if it’s a 4K set.

Still, it is rather nice-looking television. It employs Samsung’s new clear-colored “Invisible Connection cable” to offset the HDMI ports and connections away from the box, allowing for a clean and seamless look that lets the Frame blend right into the wall.