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The HTC 11 may be coming March 20th

The HTC 11 may be coming March 20th


‘Spring is coming’

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HTC could be announcing the HTC 11, a successor to 2016’s flagship HTC 10, as early as next week. The rumor is based on a image posted by HTC’s Taiwan Facebook page teasing an announcement for March 20th, as noted by TechRader.

The image was accompanied by the extremely vague hint that “HTC will give you an unexpected surprise,” which could really mean anything — but the logical guess would be that HTC is gearing up to announce its new flagship. The HTC 10 was announced almost a year ago in April 2016, so the timing is about right for the company to unveil its new phone, especially with the recently announced LG G6 and soon to be launched Samsung Galaxy S8 right around the corner. Until we hear more from HTC, though, we’ll have to stay tuned until March 20th to know for sure.