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Wrensilva’s new record console will stream music to your Sonos speakers

For $3,000

Photo: Wrensilva

Wrensilva is back with its latest record console, as first noted by Highsnobiety, and this time it comes with a notably smaller footprint. The Wrensilva Loft is the company’s newest creation, coming in at less than half the size of previous consoles built by Wrensilva.

Constructed out of North American walnut, the Loft features a Wrensilva amp pushing 300 watts per channel, a fully decoupled belt-driven turntable, a 3.5mm jack, and Sonos compatibility, allowing users to stream their records directly to the speaker system.

Photo: Wrensilva

For users who don’t have Sonos, Wrensilva is also selling the Loft in a package with its two-way bass reflex Monitor speakers — for an additional $1,500, of course. The Wrensilva Loft will cost you $2,999 by itself, or $4,498 with the two Monitor speakers and speaker stands. You can purchase the record console today from Wrensilva’s website.