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Simplify your rave setup with iLuv's new Rainbow8 HomeKit light bulb

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Hey, I’m sure you wanted a new smart light. Maybe you haven’t gotten around to buying one yet, or, perhaps, you were holding out a HomeKit-enabled bulb that doesn’t require a hub. I’ve got news for you: iLuv just launched a light that works with HomeKit, meaning you can use Siri for controls. It also doesn’t need a hub; instead pairs over Wi-Fi. Called the Rainbow8, the LED light glows in millions of programmable colors and can group with other bulbs, so you can control multiple at once. You can even program them on a schedule to turn on when you get home or are going to sleep.

Now, you’ve got multiple smart light options for HomeKit, which you can check out in Apple’s handy list. But not requiring a hub is definitely a perk of iLuv. LIFX is likely its main non-hub competitor, but the company has yet to put a HomeKit-enabled bulb up for sale.