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The best Nintendo Switch stand yet is an expensive iPhone dock

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Unlike the Nintendo Switch, Twelve South’s HiRise 2 iPhone stand is not exactly new. But, as the company’s enterprising marketing team has discovered, it is perhaps the best-looking solution for standing up your Nintendo Switch while charging it at the same time.

While using Nintendo’s own charging dock only allows you to play the Switch on a connected screen, using the built-in kickstand results in a flimsy setup that blocks the USB-C port on the bottom, the HiRise 2 solves all of those problems, allowing you to charge the Switch while standing it up on a desk and still allowing you to play it. The matte black aluminum design also looks rather nice when paired with Nintendo’s console, too.

Another benefit: the stand doesn’t block the Switch’s air-intake ports, which are not as likely to run when you’re using the console away from a TV, but should nevertheless not be covered if at all possible.

Unfortunately, using Twelve South’s Apple-focused dock as a Switch stand has some costs. First is that of the dock itself, which isn’t exactly cheap at $40. Next, the HiRise is specifically designed to only fit Apple’s own charging cables, so you’ll probably need to pick up one of Apple’s USB-C cords, for another $19. Then, you’ll still need a powerful enough USB-C wall adapter that can charge the Switch while you play (at least 39W at 15V/2.6A), which aren’t exactly cheap either. (Apple’s $69 61W MacBook Pro charger will do the job.)

Obviously, that’s a pretty price for a stand. But if you’re not willing to drop the money on this, it’s worth remembering that the market is still nascent when it comes to Switch accessories, and that we’ll hopefully see some more Switch-focused docks in this design style soon.

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