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Amazon is working on its own home security camera

Amazon is working on its own home security camera


An image of it is sitting right on Amazon’s servers

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Amazon’s unannounced home camera
Amazon’s unannounced home camera

Amazon is likely working on a home security camera in the same vein as Nest, Canary, Ring, Blink, and other products, according to a newly-discovered product photo that’s sitting on the company’s own web servers. AFTVnews found the image of some sort of easily-positionable camera, with a blue light circling the lens. Very Alexa-like. It’s got a white exterior design — the central camera area is black — and a pivoting base.

There are two mics at the top, and at each corner of the camera, there are matching, smaller circles. My best guess is that those are infrared sensors. If you’re wondering about AFTVnews’ credibility, the site previously leaked the first images of the Roku 4. Amazon’s already listening to you with the Echo; pretty soon the company might have a gadget watching your home, as well.


There are already a slew of home cameras that are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. But Amazon often decides to make products itself based on how things are selling on, and this could be another example of it barging into another product category based on that data.

Most of these home security cameras store recordings in the cloud and prompt users on their mobile devices when activity is detected at home while they’re away. Despite its recent embarrassing S3 glitch, Amazon’s cloud prowess is second to none, and the company certainly knows plenty about subscription services. Oh, you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber? Here’s your dirt cheap cloud storage to make sure your house is safe at any moment.

You can also bet this thing would be closely tied to the Echo family of products and feature deep Alexa integration. The Echo light switches on when Alexa is listening, but perhaps with this product it will indicate when the camera is actively recording something.

Since this image is already on Amazon’s site, it’s hard to imagine a product launch being very far off. The Verge has reached out to the company for comment.