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Vizio’s newest TVs offer 4K HDR starting at $550

Vizio’s newest TVs offer 4K HDR starting at $550


They also come in XXL 75-inch and 80-inch sizes

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Vizio’s first TVs of 2017 are a refresh of the company’s E-Series line. They remain Vizio’s cheapest entry into 4K, and this year all models with a screen size of 55 inches and above are gaining HDR. Vizio supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10 in its more premium P- and M-Series TVs, but the new E-Series lineup only works with the latter. That’s not necessarily a problem, as most of the big streaming services — Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube — also support HDR10.

Google’s Chromecast is still the “operating system” on these TVs. But you don’t get a bundled tablet remote with the E-Series line, so you’ll have to control pretty much everything with the phone or tablet you’ve already got. They’ve got local dimming, though the number of zones varies by display size. For instance, the 75-inch XXL model has 14 zones, and the biggest model — 80 inches — has 16.

Really, if you’re looking for a good 4K picture at an affordable price and don’t much care about every spec, the E-Series is probably worth a look. My only advice is examining the set once you’ve got it home for picture irregularities like uneven backlighting or anything else you might spot. The XXL models don’t come cheap, however: the 75-incher runs $1,999.99 and the 80-inch E-Series jumps to an eye-popping $3,399.99. The 55-inch version, which is the minimum for HDR, is a far more affordable $550.