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ZTE’s Quartz smartwatch has tick marks and lacks NFC

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Photo: Android Police

After passing through the FCC and having renders leaked, photos of ZTE’s rumored first Android Wear watch, the Quartz, have surfaced. Android Police says an anonymous tipster sent them images that show off the thick watchface and sad tick marks. The Quartz won’t include NFC, LTE, or a heart rate monitor, Android Police reports. But it’ll have 3G, so that’s something. It’ll also run on Android Wear 2.0. Below are some photos, but click through to Android Police for the whole gallery.

We don’t have a price or date of availability yet. Honestly, I’m not sure who will want this watch considering it lacks features that appeal to a variety of smartwatch users, including people who love to work out and also use their smartwatch as a payment form.

Photo: Android Police
Photo: Android Police

Really, this watch looks like what tech companies think a nice watch is supposed to be. Like, what even are those tick marks? This is a smartwatch with an electronic display and no minute hands. But sure, maybe someone equates tick marks with luxury. That thick back also looks almost unreal. I hope ZTE thins the watch down before the official announcement or else, eek.