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Oh look, another levitating object Kickstarter

Oh look, another levitating object Kickstarter

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Levitating Design Labs

We should talk about the Levitating X Kickstarter campaign, something its creators call “tech art.” The crowdfunding endeavor is trying to sell us on the idea of a levitating object future. Backers can choose and display four different bases, including a pillow, plate, plant, and random decor. These all float, of course, by relying on electromagnetic suspension. The idea is that they serve as cool decor that’ll impress your friends.

GIF: Levitating Design Labs

The base object and the levitating plate below it vary in price, but start at $250. The company hopes to ship by June of this year.

Levitating Design Labs, who created Levitating X, thinks its Kickstarter is the beginning of a new type of retail experience. Soon, we’ll be able to buy levitating objects immediately online and nearly everything in our homes will float.

Well, that’s certainly one vision for the future, albeit a gimmicky one. The levitating light bulb was novel last year, as was the magnetic floating clock, but eventually, the schtick is going to get old. Maybe this should be the last levitating Kickstarter for a while.