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Yep, the Galaxy S8’s fingerprint sensor is right next to the camera

Yep, the Galaxy S8’s fingerprint sensor is right next to the camera


Here’s our best look at the three colors

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Samsung probably should’ve thought about holding its Unpacked event a little sooner considering how many photos, videos, and marketing renders of the Galaxy S8 have already leaked. Evan Blass is back tonight — again — with more imagery of the flagship set to be unveiled on March 29th. He already revealed the three colors (black sky, orchid grey, and arctic silver) that the S8 will be offered in, and now we’re getting a better idea of how those colors look around back. They’re definitely subdued, but pretty nice.

Yeah, the fingerprint sensor is up next to the camera. Do you hate that? I think most people will get used to it after putting a fair number of index finger smudges on the camera lens. With all colors, the front of the phone is black. That’s a pretty smart choice on Samsung’s part to further keep your eyes off the already-tiny bezels at the top and bottom. (See, Apple? Make the front black.)

The Galaxy S8 is expected to go on sale worldwide in late April after its unveiling at the end of this month. It will be the company’s first handset to showcase its new Bixby smart assistant.

And that display! It’s no doubt an impressive feat of design. I’m still a little concerned about false touches and just general comfort / usability annoyances with those curved sides, though. LG’s G6 feels great one-handed; I’m struggling to see how I’d manage that with the S8.