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Leaked image supposedly shows Galaxy S8 desktop dock accessory

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Right now, we’ve seen more than enough leaked imagery of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8, but some mysteries about the flagship still remain. One of the biggest, is what exactly Samsung is planning with its rumored desktop dock? According to leaked company slides, the feature will work like Microsoft Continuum, allowing users to power a desktop UI of some sort from their phone. Now, though, we might have our first look at the dock itself, thanks to the listing below supplied by

A leaked image purportedly showing the Samsung DeX Station.

As the text and picture show, the dock will supposedly cost €149.99 (or around $160) and offer an HDMI connection at 4K resolution and 30fps, two USB 2.0 ports, a USB Type-C connection for the phone, an Ethernet port, and an embedded cooling fan. Because if you’re using your phone to power all the pixels in a desktop monitor, your phone is going to get hot.

Needless to say, none of this information is confirmed, but it does fit what we’ve seen from other leaks. Previous reports have noted that the DeX dock will work with a keyboard and mouse, and that the top half of the dock will flip open like a clam shell to cradle the phone.

A leaked Samsung image, supposedly showing the DeX dock.
Image via AndroidPolice

If Samsung does unveil DeX at its Galaxy S8 event on the 29th, we’ll hopefully see more details about how the system actually works. What exactly is a Galaxy-powered desktop capable of? What apps will it have access to? Will it be able to connect to other PC components like external hard drives? We look forward to finding out more later this month.