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The latest Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks show off screen resolution and retail packaging

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Image: Evan Blass / Twitter

We have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Samsung’s Galaxy S8, which is set to debut on March 29th in New York. And now, we have even more solid backing on the phone’s default screen resolution and adjustments that can be made to it, thanks to a leak posted to Twitter.

As you see above, there are three options for screen resolution: HD+ (1480 x 720), FHD+ (2220 x 1080), and QHD+ (2960 x 1440). The default resolution is QHD+. This was rumored before. People might want to change their resolution to fit more on their screen, especially now that it’s so massive, although the option to change resolution isn’t new on Galaxy phones.

A separate leak shows off the phone’s retail packaging. From the box, we can see that the S8+, a larger model of the phone, includes an option for 64GB of storage.

Photo: Android Police

We’re so close — only a week left until we get all the S8 details and a chance to check out that skinny bezel. Stay patient!