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Muji created a sixth pocket for our smartphones

Muji created a sixth pocket for our smartphones



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Editor-in-chief of Recode and friend of The Verge Dan Frommer tweeted this today, bringing Muji’s sixth pocket to my attention:

The pocket, which looks like a simple seam, is actually specifically designed to hold smartphones. Even phones kept in cases. Whoa! Ingenuity. These pants debuted in January this year, so we’re a little late to them, but I think we still need to acknowledge this invention. Have any of you tried them out? Can you report back on how you like this pocket?

The pocket is designed to keep you from sitting on your phone, which is definitely a real issue, but also makes me wonder if your phone is actually at a bigger liability in this position. It’s so precarious with its camera sticking out. If you wear your shirt tucked in, wouldn’t someone be able to walk by and steal it? Muji does seem to exist in some sort of highly organized utopia, so maybe in that place, petty theft isn’t a thing.