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Dell’s next-level 8K monitor is now on sale for $5,000

Dell’s next-level 8K monitor is now on sale for $5,000

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Dell UP3218K

Dell announced its 32-inch 8K desktop display — the UP3218K — at CES this year, which promises a resolution of 7680 x 4320 with a pixel density of 280ppi. Today, that monitor is available to order through Dell’s website for $4,999.99. It’s expected to ship on April 14th.

Now, most of us probably aren’t in the market to drop $5,000 on a new display, but Dell thinks people who work in photography or other highly visual areas might be tempted to buy it. The monitor is usable in the sense that it’s not super bulky and can be adjusted to tilt, swivel, move up and down, or turn. I’m infinitely jealous of anyone who gets to play with this, so please let me know how it goes and how you successfully convince your IT department that you need it to do your job.