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Samsung shows off a wild Gear S3 hybrid pocket watch concept at Baselworld 2017

Samsung shows off a wild Gear S3 hybrid pocket watch concept at Baselworld 2017


And also two other concepts that aren’t as cool as a smart pocket watch

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The Baselworld 2017 watch show is in full swing, and Samsung is using it as an opportunity to show off three new series of concepts from watch designer Yvan Arpa inspired by its Gear S3 smartwatch, including an honest-to-god pocket watch version of the Gear S3. That’s right, it’s a smart pocket watch, and it’s one of the wackiest and most interesting smartwatch ideas I’ve ever seen.

If the idea was to simply take a traditional pocket watch and replace the mechanical innards with Samsung’s own hardware, that’d be novel enough on its own. But Arpa didn’t stop there, and not only includes the Gear S3 on the inside, but repurposed the back of the case for a traditional mechanical movement as well. And just to really drive the point home, the pocket watch’s lid also includes a compass, because two entirely separate devices wasn’t enough.

Looking at the other two concepts, one offers some new and fancier finishes for the existing Gear S3; the other sees watches that borrow the case design of the Gear S3, but swap the digital internal components for some fine Swiss-crafted mechanical movements. And those are all well and good, but let’s be real: you’re here for the Gear S3 hybrid pocket watch concept, which someone hopefully actually turn into a real product.

Unfortunately, all three designs are far from finished consumer products, and Samsung hasn’t announced any plans to release them. Which is a shame, because I would buy this pocket watch thing immediately. And also a three-piece suit, which I would need to actually wear a pocket watch. But for now, at least I’ll always have the dream that such a magnificent and ridiculous thing even exists.