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A USB-powered coaster sure doesn’t feel like the future to me

A USB-powered coaster sure doesn’t feel like the future to me

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Power Practical

The Jül attempts to solve an issue we likely know well: hot beverages get cold after you pour them and this is unfortunate. Familiar, yes? So the Jül attempts to keep those drinks hot by relying on a heated coaster that’s powered via Micro USB. The mug controls how hot you want to keep your drink, which can also be used to cool down something that’s too hot to consume. Drinks can be kept at between 120 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

I think what’s so off about the Jül is that this technology has already existed for years. There are electric thermoses and coasters for sale on Amazon right now. Also, let’s take a minute to look at this heated mug that plugs into a car charger. Jül makes a car version, too.

I’m not sure why this company, called Power Practical, thinks its product is so much better than these previous options. It seems to have something to do with keeping coffee at the perfect temperature to optimize taste? That sounds illegitimate. Maybe it’s the fact that you can control temperature by rotating the bottom of the thermos? I don’t know if that warrants a full-blown Kickstarter.

If you’re into it, though, the Jül starts at $45.