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Samsung isn’t giving up on curved TVs, will release at least 22 more models worldwide

Samsung isn’t giving up on curved TVs, will release at least 22 more models worldwide


The company reportedly wants to focus on the high end, offering curved sets larger than 65 inches

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Samsung 105-inch curved Ultra HD TV and Bendable TV prototype pictures

According to a report from ET News, Samsung is planning to release 22 more curved TV sets to global markets. This comes as a surprise considering that both Sony and LG gave up on curved televisions this year, while reviewers and consumers alike have mostly found the design feature to be a gimmick.

The promise of curved TVs is that they create a more immersive wraparound effect, with manufacturers comparing it to the curve used in IMAX screens. But what works for a screen 70 feet across viewed in total darkness, doesn’t necessarily translate to a display that sits in your front room creating awkward reflections, glares, and limited viewing angles. In our own write-up of one of Samsung’s curved TVs, guest reviewer Becky Molln branded the set “ridiculous,” “terrible,” and a television that “makes me hiss in anger.” Samsung obviously didn’t take notice.

ET News points out that it will be interesting to see how well Samsung’s curved TVs fare when it’s the only premium manufacturer offering them. The company will apparently focus on curved sets that are 65 inches or bigger, including at least one model in its top-tier QLED TV range.

A representative for Samsung told ET News that the market for large curved TVs has grown every year between 20 and 30 percent, giving the company hope there’s still more traction to be found. Perhaps, but what might be worth Samsung’s time to squeeze out some more sales in a stagnating global market isn’t necessarily a good deal for consumers.