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We now have video of someone typing on the Galaxy S8

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The debut of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is less than a week away, but the leaks keep coming. Today a video surfaced online that shows the actual keyboard interface of the device and someone typing on it. SamMobile first spotted the video and points out that the keyboard isn’t actually the interesting part. It’s the white bezels facing us. This contrasts with previous images we’ve seen of the device, making us wonder if maybe there will be various color options for the front.

For now, take a minute to brush up on everything we know about the S8 and its debut. A lot has leaked and already been announced, including Samsung’s new digital assistant Bixby and the rumored DeX, which will reportedly allow users to extend a Galaxy S8 into a full “Galaxy Desktop” computer. Buckle in for next week; it’s going to be good.