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Andy Rubin teases a first look at Essential’s bezel-less smartphone

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Andy Rubin / Twitter

Andy Rubin (one of the co-founders of Android) announced in January that he was starting a new company, Essential, and would be working on a premium smartphone with an edge-to-edge display “that lacks a surrounding bezel.”

Today, Rubin showed off the first glimpse of what Essential’s first smartphone will look like, and as promised, the bezel is almost nonexistent. Beyond that, we can see that the phone will feature a cutout on top for a speaker, along with a visible button on the side of the device. The software seems to be some version of Android, but it’s hard to say for sure without confirmation.

There’s obviously still a lot we don’t know about the device, but as a first impression, it definitely looks like Essential could have something interesting on its hands here.