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Circuit Breaker

This could be you enjoying a flying Bluetooth speaker disc

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Tucker Toys

Last week I wrote about a new toy called Thumb Chucks. As far as I can tell, they haven’t taken off. Today I come to you with another toy: the Disc Jock-e. It’s a Frisbee that doubles as a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. As much as I want to hate on this invention, I can’t deny it kind of makes sense? I’m not one for beach sports, I’m more of a lounger — but I understand that some people enjoy being active when outside. Those people likely want to listen to music, too. Why not use a Bluetooth disc? It would just be a shame if you had to throw it when the beat drops or the chorus is coming up.

This could be you:

I’m not totally sure what that app they’re using in the commercial is and whether the Disc Jock-e is actually trying to sell us on some sort of music subscription service. I really hope that’s not the case. Either way, Bluetooth works across device so you shouldn’t have to subscribe to any questionable apps to live your flying speaker dreams.