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The black OnePlus 3T is a very nice black phone

The black OnePlus 3T is a very nice black phone


Black like the darkness of your soul

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Last week, OnePlus announced that it would be selling a new color of the 3T smartphone, dubbed midnight black. The new color is now available for purchase and now that I've put my hands on one, I must say it’s a very nice black.

See, black phones can be boring, or nondescript. But a good black phone can be stunning — Apple’s jet black iPhone 7 and Samsung’s black Note 7 (RIP) are great examples of black phones that are beautiful to look at.

The midnight black 3T is not like those, as it has a matte finish instead of gloss. To be frank, its finish very similar to the matte black iPhone 7. But that’s not a bad thing, as the matte black iPhone 7 is also a very nice black phone. OnePlus says it tested “more than 30 color iterations” and used “three carefully applied dark coatings 14 microns thick” which “maintains the natural look and feel of metal.” It also added an anti-fingerprint coating, which appears to work rather well. The phone comes in a special black box, to further differentiate it from the other colors, which come in white boxes.


If you want a OnePlus 3T that matches the darkness of your soul, or if you just prefer black over the standard gunmetal gray, you can order one from the company right now. But these are supposedly available in limited edition runs, so you might want to act fast if you want one.

Photography by Dan Seifert / The Verge