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PS VR's Aim gun controller will launch in May, according to Farpoint developer

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But GameStop still says June

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PlayStation Aim at E3 2016

Sony's Aim Controller was originally supposed to launch around the holidays alongside Farpoint, a showcase FPS title. Well, now it's March and there's still no Aim Controller or Farpoint on shelves. At GDC this week, Impulse Gear, the developer of Farpoint, confirmed to Road to VR that the game and controller will launch as a bundle on May 16th. Right now you can preorder the bundle at GameStop, which shows an end of June release date, but hopefully Impulse Gear has better info.

The controller itself is slick, minimal, and an ideal configuration for converting a standard dual-stick shooter into a VR game, with an analog stick for movement and a built-in color ball for 1:1 aiming. Unfortunately, unlike the HTC Vive or a three-sensor Oculus Rift setup, there's no way right now for PlayStation VR to track a controller when you're turned away from the camera and are blocking that bright colorful tracking ball with your body, and Farpoint is designed with that limitation in mind. The game feels a bit like a compromise between a truly free-roaming FPS and a locked-in rail shooter.

PlayStation Aim at E3 2016

The Aim Controller also misses out on some the best possible shooting experiences in VR right now, such as Superhot and Robo Recall, which rely on dual motion controllers. Still, if you really want to shoot things the old-fashioned way, one gun at a time, it looks like you can get your hands on an Aim Controller and Farpoint bundle for $80 in May or maybe June.