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Today is your last chance to get Apple’s USB-C accessories at a discount

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Last chance for dongle deals

macbook pro 2016 Vjeran Pavic

Back in November, Apple cut the price on its USB-C cables and adaptors in response to complaints from new MacBook Pro owners about the computer’s reliance on dongles and need for new cables, which it then extended through March 31st. This post is here to remind you that today is March 31st, which means it’s your last chance to pick up some USB-C gear from Apple at a reasonable price.

For reference, here’s the list of all of Apple’s discounted stuff, with some helpful links.

Additionally, all third-party USB-C peripherals sold by Apple receive around a 25 percent price cut. Only Apple’s USB-C charging cables aren’t included in the discount.

And while there are plenty of third-party accessories out there, Apple’s own branded ones — while typically expensive — tend to offer a certain measure of safety and reliability, making them worth the purchase if prices are equal (like they are with the current discount).