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The next generation of RAM will double current speeds

Get ready for an upgrade... sometime after 2018

DDR5, the next generation of RAM, will double the speeds of current DDR4 RAM when it’s released, according to JEDEC, the organization in charge of computer memory standards, as first noted by Ars Technica.

JEDEC announced it will be finalizing the DDR5 standard sometime in 2018, and says DDR5 will “double the bandwidth and density over DDR4,” and come with greater power efficiency. Despite the fact that the standard will become official next year, DDR5 likely won’t be ready for manufacturers before 2020.

DDR4, the current standard, was finalized in 2012, but didn’t hit shelves in numbers until 2015, as processors and SoCs had to be updated to support it. Hopefully this time around it won’t take as long, and we can get our hands on DDR5 before the decade ends.