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The Moar is the electric bike Michael Bay would design

The Moar is the electric bike Michael Bay would design

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The Moar is a new bike launching through an Indiegogo campaign from first-time company Moar Bikes. It’s an electric bicycle, albeit one with an angled frame and fat, 24-inch tires that bring to mind an underpowered motorcycle more than a traditional pedal bike.

Instead of focusing on cramming in smart features, the Moar is built to just be a powerful electric bicycle. So that means no built-in fitness tracking or a companion app. Instead, you’ll get a full suspension system, disc brakes, and integrated turn signal tail lights. Moar says the bike’s range will be anywhere from 30 miles all the way up to 85 miles — depending on what size battery you have and how hard you’re pushing the motor — and a top speed of 20 mph.

The Moar also has an interesting folding mechanism, ostensibly for easy storage and transport, but when combined with the big, circular headlights on the front make it it look like an early draft of a robot from Michael Bay’s Transformers movies.

Moar Bikes is actually selling three models of the Moar: the budget “Sun & Fun” model for $999, a more advanced $1,199 “24/7” version that adds headlights, a larger battery, and better braking sensors, and the top-of-the-line $1,999 “Rapt” which has a more powerful 750W motor, the largest battery (for a claimed 50- to 80-mile range), and hydraulic-assisted disk brakes.

Of course, this is where the caveats come in. Shipping isn’t included in those previously mentioned costs, and it’s important to remember that Moar Bikes is a new, untested company that has yet to actually ship a product. And a $1,000 bike is a far bigger risk to take on crowdfunding than a $30 iPhone case.

That said, if the Moar does live up to its promises, it’ll be a new and interesting form factor in the world of electric bikes. There are other folding electric bikes, but the Moar is the only one with huge off-road-ready tires and a compact righthand fold. If that’s up your alley, you can back it on Indiegogo now, with delivery of the bikes estimated in May.