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Fix your left Joy-Con connectivity issues and void your warranty in one fell swoop

Fix your left Joy-Con connectivity issues and void your warranty in one fell swoop


Maybe don’t try this at home

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Nintendo Switch

The Switch has only been out for a couple of days, but the left Joy-Con controller on the new console is already infamous for random connectivity issues. And while Nintendo has recommended a fix that users try and avoid having obstacles between the controller and the console, others have opted to just crack open the Joy-Con and break out some soldering gear to find a more permanent fix.

The Spawn Wave YouTube channel is among those that have tried. By comparing the innards of the two controllers, Spawn Wave came to the conclusion that while the right Joy-Con has a separate antenna board, the left Joy-Con’s antenna is built directly into the main circuit board, where it gets obstructed by a large metal box.

The solution? Spawn Wave soldered in a new wire running along the inside of the controller, which he claims in the video did improve the connection. He does show off an impressive range of almost 40 feet in the video with the modified left Joy-Con surpassing even that of the unmodified right Joy-Con. We here at The Verge strongly do not endorse trying this at home. First, there’s no real empirical way to actually determine if this does or doesn’t improve your left Joy-Con’s connection. Also unless you really, really know what you’re doing, you’re running the risk of frying your brand-new $300 console. Not to mention, modifying the controller like this is almost certainly in violation of your warranty, if that’s important to you.

Look: at the end of the day, it’s probably just easier to move your fish tank.

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