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You can now play an NES Classic with a Switch Joy-Con controller

You can now play an NES Classic with a Switch Joy-Con controller


All you need is a tiny adaptor

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NES Classic retro receiver

You can now use the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controller with an NES Classic Edition — and all you need is a tiny, inexpensive adaptor. Today 8bitdo, the company behind the “retro receiver” line of wireless adaptors for retro gaming consoles, announced a firmware update for the NES Classic version of the adaptor, which adds support for Switch controllers. That means you’ll be able to play any of the 30 games on the NES Classic using a Joy-Con controller or a Switch Pro controller.

The adaptor itself is currently $16.99, though you can also buy a bundle with the excellent NES-like NES30 controller for $39.99. With its lack of directional pad and curious button layout, a Joy-Con might not be the ideal way to play 8-bit games, but the firmware update at least provides another option when it comes to using the NES Classic wirelessly. If nothing else, it’ll give you a good idea at how well a Joy-Con will work when the Switch eventually gets classic games through the virtual console service.