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This Raspberry Pi game emulator disguised as an Altoids tin is curiously nerdy

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Please do not eat the contents

The Altoids mints tin is perhaps the most iconic part of the product (which may say something about the mints themselves, I guess?), and in today’s life hack-obsessed world, people have long been repurposing them as handy reusable boxes for tons of things that aren’t mints. Today, you can add “fully functional handheld gaming console” to that list, as intrepid hacker sudomod has shown off his latest project, the mintyPi 2.0 (via The Next Web).

As the name may suggest, the mintyPi 2.0 is sudomod’s second attempt at building a Raspberry Pi-powered Altoids tin. But the mintyPi 2.0 brings some major improvements over the hacked together original, including a far more polished design, an integrated hinge to hold up the screen, a bigger display, better sound, and built-in Wi-Fi, thanks to the Raspbery Pi Zero W that powers it. Like most Raspberry Pi-based emulators, the mintyPi 2.0 runs RetroPie, but given the open-source nature of the platform, there’s no limit to what you can install.

Photo: sudomod

And if you’re a fan of the mintyPi 2.0, don’t worry — sudomod is planning to post instructions on how to make your own in the near future.