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Fujifilm is reportedly announcing Instax Square cameras next week

Fujifilm is reportedly announcing Instax Square cameras next week

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Fujifilm’s Instax range of instant cameras is hugely popular, but most models only take credit card-sized rectangular photos. If a report from the usually accurate FujiRumors is to be believed, however, next week could see a major shakeup to the line: square photos. That’s right, like Instagram. And, well, Polaroid.

There are apparently two Instax Square cameras planned: the SQ and the SQ10. The SQ seem to be pretty much what you’d expect — another chunky plastic instant camera, just one that uses square film — but the SQ10 is a more intriguing proposition. FujiRumors says that it’s a film-digital hybrid camera with a microSD card slot and an LCD on the back. 

What’s unclear is how exactly such a camera would work. It could be a traditional film camera like the SQ with the added ability to print digital photos like Fujifilm’s previous Instax Share printers, which could be pretty neat. Or it could basically just be a digital camera with a built-in film printer, which would probably not be so neat. The reanimated husk of Polaroid has made a few products like that, and they suffer both in quality and in missing instant photography’s ephemeral appeal.

Either way, it sounds like we’ll find out on April 19th — that’s when FujiRumors says the announcement is set for.