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Is Nissan's Rogue Dogue a good place to put dogs or a dog prison on wheels?

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Photo: Nissan

Nissan just unveiled its one-off Rogue Dogue "project" SUV at the New York International Auto Show, according to SlashGear. Nissan also brought that SUV with tank tracks to the show, so it’s really on a high-concept roll here. The Rogue Dogue has a lot of dog-centric features, such as a dog ramp for old dogs to get in and out of the dog SUV, a dog shower for messy dogs, a dog hot air blower for cold dogs, a dog harness for unrestrained dogs, a dog cop car partition for criminal dogs, and padded walls for insane dogs. There are also food and water bowls (for dogs), a dog first aid kit, a storage drawer for dog treats, and a bag dispenser for dog poops.

But I look at these pictures Nissan provided, and all I can think is: dog prison.

Dogs want to be in the front seat, drooling out a half-open window. I put my dog in the back of my car once and it threw up. Is that the life Nissan wants for my dog?

So you tell me: is this the new direction in vehicle design that millennials crave, or is Rogue Dogue a prison for rogue doggos? Here’s a video of the slightly more plush European version of this concept, to help you make up your mind: