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This mom-proof notebook has a fingerprint sensor on the side

This mom-proof notebook has a fingerprint sensor on the side

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Tired of mom being up in your beeswax constantly? Check out Lockbook, a paper notebook with a biometric fingerprint sensor on the side. It's just like the security on your phone, except it's for paper secrets instead of digital ones, and nothing’s encrypted or truly safe in any way. Also, there doesn't appear to be an alternate method to open the notebook legitimately (like the PIN code fallback on a phone), so make sure you keep your notebook charged and your fingers clean!

Look at this wannabe secret stealer:


There's also room inside the notebook to store sensitive documents, like your passport or that note Aidan left in your locker that is seriously none of mom's business!

Could any mom with a good pair of scissors and the willingness to break the sacred bond of trust between mother and teenage diarist totally break into this thing? Of course! But let's not stand in the way of progress here with these ridiculous theoreticals.

Lockbook is, naturally, a product up for crowdfunding on Indiegogo. It'll cost $79 when it starts shipping (supposedly in June), or you can risk $59 of your hard-earned allowance and back the campaign yourself.