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Leak reveals the next Moto Z smartphone might have a dual-lens camera

Leak reveals the next Moto Z smartphone might have a dual-lens camera


Lenovo has already said it will support existing MotoMods

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Moto Z review lead
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Lenovo might be joining in on the dual-lens camera trend with its upcoming sequel to the Moto Z. A purported image from @Slashleaks showing the phone reveals a slightly different external design than the original; there’s now a larger fingerprint sensor (like the Moto G5) and Lenovo’s logo has been added the side.

The MotoMod connectors are in the exact same place as last year, confirming the company’s plan to make the snap-on modular accessories compatible between current and future Moto Z phones. Same goes for the camera — but this time there are clearly two lenses.

The Moto Z remains an impressively thin phone, and the overall familiarity of this design extends to the display. It looks... the same, so don’t expect to see Moto follow LG and Samsung in shrinking down that top bezel and bottom chin. Interestingly, @Slashleaks refers to this device as the Moto Z2 Force. Last time, the “Force” model was the thicker of the two with a shatterproof screen. This one is very svelte despite apparently carrying the Force branding.

Lenovo hasn’t yet announced the next-generation Moto Z. The original phone launched last June, so you’ll probably have to wait a few more weeks before finding out which approach the company has taken for its dual-lens setup and everything else that’s new.

Hopefully that includes some cool MotoMods besides battery packs.