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This Mac Pro concept envisions the refreshed device as a modular Mac Mini

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Yay? Nay?

Last week, Apple confirmed it was working on refreshing the Mac Pro — a device the company has largely neglected since its launch in 2013. Apple also said that the new Mac Pro won’t be ready this year, but that hasn’t stopped designers from imagining what the new professional computer from Cupertino would look like.

Germany-based CURVED/labs has envisioned one such iteration of the Mac Pro, with a modular design and a pro display that comes alongside. The concept ditches the trash can aesthetic for an upright Mac Mini with a Touch Bar at the front. It also swivels to the sides to allow users to upgrade various components, such as a graphics card (two of ‘em, in fact), hard disks, solid state drives, and more. And yes, unlike an Apple mobile device, this one does come with a headphone jack.

On the display side, CURVED/labs envisions a 27-inch cinema screen with a Retina display. USB accessories are connected at the back.

It goes without saying that the final Apple design will likely be drastically different than this. (Take a look at the German company’s iMac concept, for example.) There are also no mentions of any kind of cooling component, but again, it’s a concept, so feel free to praise or pick it apart as much as you’d like while we’re in the dream phase.