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HTC’s One X10 phone will focus on battery life

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Images posted by Evleaks show a new HTC phone called the One X10 that, according to what appears to be a marketing slogan, will focus on battery life. “Big style meets bigger battery,” to put it in HTC’s words. We can’t glean too much more about the phone from the pictures, but there’s a fingerprint sensor on the back and the overall industrial design is somewhat reminiscent of the Desire 10, a midrange HTC phone line from last year.

Now that phone processors have evolved to the point where low-powered chips can still offer solid performance, a focus on battery endurance is a potentially significant way for midrange phones to stand out. Our own Dan Seifert wrote just this week about how he’s switched from an expensive Google Pixel to the cheaper Moto Z Play mostly because of the dramatically better battery life offered by the latter.