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Here’s the final design for Light’s insane 16-lens camera

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The Light L16, a DSLR-quality device that crams 16 cameras into one body, is nearing its ship date and today we’re getting a look at some final production photos, via Petapixel. The 52-megapixel camera looks mostly similar to when we last saw it in 2015, but it appears the lens moved around a bit to fit in the flash.

Unfortunately, the only shots available are of the back and some parts of the side, which now has flatter edges, presumably for better grip. No clue on what the controls will look like on the other side, or where USB ports will be.

The Light L16 will retail for $1,699 (a little over $100 per camera, not a bad deal, I suppose) and will beginning shipping on July 14th to those who’ve already preordered. The company is not currently taking any more preorders, but it is expected to start taking more later this year after the first batch ships.