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The Ecobee4 thermostat will come with integrated Alexa controls

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Dave Zatz

The next iteration of Ecobee’s connected thermostat will likely include the ability to talk to Alexa. Marketing materials obtained by Dave Zatz depict the Ecobee4 with a blue light at the top, which is a pretty obvious Alexa giveaway. Apple initially leaked the HomeKit-enabled device last month when it included it on a list of compatible thermostats. The Ecobee4 also passed through the FCC, showing a speaker built in.

Ecobee retroactively added Alexa support to its Ecobee3. With an Echo, users could create IFTTT recipes and change the room temperature with voice commands, so technically this isn’t the first time Ecobee has worked with Amazon. But the Ecobee4 seems to include a built-in microphone so you won’t need any Amazon hardware to control it, and it should be capable of all the other things Amazon’s voice assistant can do.