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PicoBrew just added a PicoStill to its latest Kickstarter

PicoBrew just added a PicoStill to its latest Kickstarter

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PicoBrew's latest Kickstarter project, Pico Model C, is already way past its funding goal. The countertop brewing machine is a cheaper, smaller, easier-to-use version of earlier models, and 1,000,000 Kickstarter bucks say this is what the people want. Now, in a surprise addition to the existing Kickstarter, PicoBrew is offering a PicoStill, which can be purchased in a bundle with the Pico C, or separately (via TechCrunch). Prices vary based on how early of a bird you are, but for the rest of today you can get a Pico C and a PicoStill combo for $479.

PicoStill itself is an attachment that works with any Pico or Zymatic brewing appliance. It has a copper distilling coil and glass infusion chamber, and can be used to distill essential oils, waters, and, of course, "spirits."

The thing is, the laws for making wine and beer at home in the US are way different than the laws pertaining to spirits, so you'll need a license and a permit if you want to get into the moonshine game.

Adding a surprise extra product to an already-doing-well Kickstarter is an interesting move. I don't know how many people will want to spent $170-ish more to add "hop oils" to their craft brews, or who desire to turn large quantities of organic matter into essential oils, and I certainly can't imagine anybody asking the government for permission to make vodka at home, but maybe I'm just not the target demo. It just seems like a lot of work!