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Thermaltake's new gaming mouse keeps track of how you use it

Thermaltake's new gaming mouse keeps track of how you use it

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Image: Thermaltake

I'm bad at mouse movement. When my mouse sensitivity is low, I'm bad. When my mouse sensitivity is high, I'm worse. Seriously, if you need headshots, please look elsewhere. But now at last there's a mouse that can determine exactly how terrible I am, with the power stats!

Thermaltake's new Ventus X Plus gaming mouse, as spotted by The Tech Report, records a few basic metrics like distance traveled, mouse speed, clicks, actions per minute, and liftoffs (when lift your mouse off the desk so you can move it without moving the cursor). Those stats are then transmitted over Bluetooth to Thermaltake's eSports Plus+ Professional desktop or mobile app, where you can review your performance, compare your mouse style to the pros, or challenge your friends to clicking duels. It appears as if the Bluetooth feature is only for syncing: the mouse itself is wired.

GIF: Thermaltake

There's no definitive "right" way to use a mouse (that anyone’s told me about, at least). A lot of pros use a low sensitivity, and mouse over great distances to limit liftoffs. They'll use their whole arm to move the mouse most of the way, and save wrist movements for fine adjustments. Other headshot experts use a high sensitivity, or a lot of liftoffs, or just pick up an Xbox 360 controller and beat me anyway.

I'm not saying Thermaltake's $49.99 Ventus X Plus is going to turn things around for me. But at long last I'll be able to create an Excel spreadsheet to big data my badness.