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Lomography’s disposable film camera is an old idea that still appeals to me

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Lomography is launching a new 35mm film camera today called the Simple Use Film Camera. It’s designed to look and act like a disposable camera, although you can reload it with a bit of work. Lomography suggests you’re living on the edge if you try to add more film, but it does provide instructions (and the film) to help. Just operate with caution.

As its name suggests, the camera is simple. There are three different film types you can choose from — color negative, black and white, and a purple tint. The two colored options also ship with built-in gel filters that you can hold over the flash to tint your photos. Generally, the photos look nice, at least from the marketing materials, and the cameras are pretty cheap. They start at $16.90. Sure you could achieve this film look with any nicer film camera or even a disposable from the pharmacy, but those gel filters are at least slightly tempting. I’m a sucker for these overtly trendy products.