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Logitech’s new gaming keyboard looks refreshingly normal

Logitech’s new gaming keyboard looks refreshingly normal

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Logitech has a new mid-range mechanical gaming keyboard, the G413. But the most important thing to know about it is that while the G413 may have been designed for games, it doesn’t really look like a gaming keyboard.

That is to say, it’s lacking the usual swooping accents and jagged plastic bits that usually define products meant for the hardcore gaming elite. Instead, the G413 offers a relatively understated design, with a simple aluminum case and a normal font for the keys. The biggest concession to its gaming roots is the requisite LED lighting (your choice of red or white).

Of course, it’s still a gaming keyboard, which means the keys are mechanical, with Logitech’s in-house Romer-G switches (roughly equivalent to Cherry MX Brown switches in terms of force), and the F1-F12 function keys offer the option to use programmable macros.

The G413 will be available for $89.99 in a red-backlight “Carbon” model, and a Best Buy exclusive “Silver” variant with white LEDs sometime this month.