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Withings has canceled its Homekit-enabled Home Plus camera

Withings has canceled its Homekit-enabled Home Plus camera


Seemingly over a patent dispute between parent company Nokia and Apple

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Withings appears to have canceled the Home Plus, a Homekit enabled version of the company’s Home security camera, according to a report from 9to5Mac.

The Home Plus was announced at CES earlier this year as a second generation successor to the original Home, adding an Android app, new video logging and time-lapse features, and the aforementioned Homekit support. In a statement to a 9to5Mac reader, Withings customer support commented on the decision, nothing that “Guided by our evolving business strategy, we will not be releasing Home Plus.”

While Withings’ statement may be ambiguous as to the reasoning behind the cancellation, it’s easy to speculate that the decision to cancel the camera — which was specifically designed to work with Apple’s Homekit standard — is related to the ongoing spat between Apple and Withings’ parent company, Nokia, following Nokia’s suing of Apple last year. In response to that lawsuit, Apple pulled all Withings products from its online stores last December, and excluded the Home Plus from its list of Homekit devices when it refreshed it earlier this year.

It’s also possible that the reasoning might not involve that fight at all, and Withings is simply looking to focus more on a smaller portfolio of products as it goes forward.