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Skullcandy is releasing $35 wireless earbuds

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Bluetooth’s the headphone trend this year, as are neckbuds, so of course Skullcandy is making affordable, wireless neckbuds. The Jib Wireless, which the company announced today, cost $34.99 and come in four colors: red, purple, blue, and black. They have a built-in mic and remote for calls and music controls. They’ll also last up to six hours on a single charge.

Skullcandy previously released Bluetooth neckbuds with physically larger batteries on both sides. The Jib version is both more minimal and flexible comparatively, which definitely makes them feel appropriate for this year. Seriously, look how outdated the company’s old neckbuds now seem.


While we don’t know the sound quality of the Jib, Skullcandy’s at least a reputable brand providing an affordable option. Most companies sell their Bluetooth headphones for much more money, although Anker sells similar neckbuds to Skullcandy’s for around the same price.