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Shopify is making its own cleverly designed credit card reader

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Shopify supplies software for companies for both online stores and retail locations, and today its making the jump over to hardware with a new card reader that it designed itself, via TechCrunch.

While Shopify has supported and sold other card readers before, the new Chip & Swipe Reader has been completely designed in-house by Shopify, and features a far more simplified and elegant look than some of the older, clunky third-party models on offer. The new reader also has some clever design hallmarks: it can accept both swipes and chip-based dips, is designed to work at a retail cashier or on-the-go with a smartphone, and is built to be easy to use with only one hand.

The Chip & Swipe Reader connects to an Android or iOS device over Bluetooth, charges over Micro-USB, and Shopify claims that it can last up to “400 chip or 700 swipe transactions” between charges.

The reader is also being offered for free to new Shopify point-of-sale merchants, which should help the company get them out in the world quickly (existing customers will be able to pick one up for $29.) Pre-orders are available now on Shopify’s website, with the Chip & Swipe Reader expected to ship in June.