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Apple and Nike are releasing a limited edition Apple Watch Series 2

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Apple and Nike are expanding their smartwatch partnership with the debut of a new, limited edition model called the NikeLab. It’ll feature a space gray Apple Watch Series 2 with a white and black band.

Aside from the band, which won’t be sold alone, the NikeLab is exactly the same as the Nike+. The Nike Apple Watches have a simplified face to focus on fitness, and they also directly integrate with a Nike social network called Nike+ Run Club. The back of the watch features a Nike swoosh, too, so you can fully dedicate your fashion to the brand.

Unlike the Nike+, the NikeLab will only be available through Nike’s website, at NikeLab locations, and at an Apple pop-up shop in Tokyo. The watches are now on sale starting at $369 and going up to $399.

Updated 4/27, 1:53 PM ET: Updated with pricing information and availability.