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Some Huawei P10s are slower than others

Some Huawei P10s are slower than others

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Huawei is blaming a shortage of flash storage for some P10 and P10 Plus smartphones shipping with slower storage. Engadget reports that some users in China noticed they were getting slower speeds reading data from the flash storage in the phone. Some devices are as low as 250MB/s vs. 750MB/s read speeds on P10s with the faster flash storage.

Huawei Business Group CEO Richard Yu explained the issue in a Weibo post, noting there’s a mixture of eMMC and UFS memory chips inside the P10 units currently shipping. Yu reveals there’s a “serious shortage” of flash memory in the supply chain, and claims Huawei can make up for the issue with software optimization. That sounds very unlikely given the gap in speeds, but Yu also points the finger at competitors that are criticizing the company. “We would never do such a despicable thing as cutting corners,” says Yu.

This is the latest controversy surrounding the P10. Engadget notes that some P10 units didn’t ship with the special oleophobic coating on the screen, designed to reduce fingerprints. Huawei applied a coating to a screen protector on the device instead, but the latest units now include the oleophobic coating. Huawei stores in China can apply the coating to existing devices that failed to ship with it.