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Vizio announces lots of new soundbars and a multi-room speaker

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Vizio is expanding its speaker collection. Today the company announced six new soundbar options, as well as its new SmartCast Crave Go wireless multi-room speaker.

Let’s parse the new soundbar options: They come in a variety of sizes, starting at 28 inches and going up to 36 inches, with pricing beginning at $79.99. The highlight of the line, according to Vizio, is a 36-inch 5.1 wireless soundbar system that can produce 101 dB of sound. The 5.1 system is designed for large rooms and includes a three-speaker soundbar, two satellite speakers, and a wireless subwoofer. It costs $249.99. Through the company’s SmartCast system, users can control the device with Google Assistant through a Google Home. At the low-end of its soundbar collection, the company is also putting out a 28-inch 2.0 soundbar for $79.99 and a 36-inch 2.1 soundbar system for $149.99.

Along with its soundbars, Vizio is also debuting a new SmartCast wireless speaker. The Crave Go lets users connect multiple Chromecast-enabled audio devices over Wi-Fi. It’s also portable with up to six hours of battery life. Naturally, users can pair their speaker with their soundbars, too, and control them over Vizio’s iOS and Android app. You can deck your whole house out with Vizio-branded speakers.

The Crave Go is pictured below and costs $199.99.