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Samsung and LG rumored to be working on phone screens that curve on all four sides

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We’re doing four curves now

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

The Galaxy S8, with its stunning, curved edge-to-edge Infinity Display, has been wowing the tech world over the last few weeks. So how does Samsung follow that up? By adding bezel-reducing curves to the top and bottom edges of the screen, of course.

According to a report from Etnews in Korea (spotted by SamMobile), Samsung is already working on just that. The company has reportedly started development of a four-sided curved display, which will theoretically allow for more than 98 percent of the visible front of the phone to be used as a screen.

That said, it could be a while before we see a full face Infinity Display on a Samsung device. The report notes that the lamination process of manufacturing the screen currently has some issues that need to be solved before it hits the market, including the fact that currently, with a four-sided curved display, the corners of the screen aren’t able to register touchscreen inputs.

Lastly, it seems that Samsung isn’t the only one working on a totally curved display — LG is reportedly also developing its own version of the technology as well.