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Seagate built a hard drive with a microSD slot for DJI drones

Seagate built a hard drive with a microSD slot for DJI drones

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Seagate has announced a new hard drive specifically designed for drone users, the DJI Fly Drive, via SlashGear. The drive offers up to 2TB of storage and features an integrated USB-C cable, both of which are fairly routine for an external drive these days, but what separates it from other hard drives is the built-in microSD card slot.

According to Seagate, the included microSD slot is designed to make it easy to quickly transfer drone footage over to the drive while out in the field. To that end, the slot is rated for cards up to UHS-II speeds, which should help to quickly transfer files from even high-capacity cards. Additionally, the new drive also features a built-in protective bumper (which also houses the aforementioned USB-C cable), in deference to the fact that you’ll probably be using this while away from a desk.

The DJI Fly Drive, as the name suggests, is the first product to emerge from the partnership DJI and Seagate announced back in January at CES to develop drone-focused storage solutions. That said, while the DJI Fly Drive may bear DJI’s branding, there’s no reason why one couldn’t use it with a different microSD card-based drone (or even just as a useful hard drive / microSD card reader separate from any drone at all).

The DJI Fly Drive is set to go on sale sometime this summer for $120.