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Day One is now selling printed versions of your app-created journal

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Image: Day One

Day One is an iOS / macOS app that allows users to create enhanced journals. Your entries can include your writing, the weather that day, photos from your iPhone or iPad, and your step count. Up until now, your only option for viewing that journal was through the app, but starting this week in the US, the company is printing and shipping users’ journals as bound books.

The journals start at $14.99 for 50 pages and go up to $49.99 for 400 pages. You can include a hardcover for $5 more. Day One also says it’ll keep the contents of your journal private by “securely” transferring files to a printing facility and then deleting digital files once the book has shipped.

Generally, these journals look really nice, at least from the promotional materials. We don’t know the paper type, though, so it’s entirely possible they’ll be flimsy.

Image: One Day
Image: Day One
Image: Day One

Still, I’m into the idea of a well-designed journal that incorporates the details of my digital life in a longer-lasting print format. Maybe I’ll actually start journaling, like I’ve always said I would.